Merry Christmas!

[outfit details]  dress//vintage [thrifted]  leather pants//Danier [thrifted]  booties//Clark’s [thrifted]  necklace//vintage [The Edit] Here we are again, Christmas is almost upon us. Hope you guys are all enjoying or looking forward to time spent with family and friends, or, more importantly, taking some precious time for yourself to really enjoy the season. I know it’s a busy time of year, and there’s really nothing we can do to stop that. But you should also take time to just read a book, sit back with a coffee, catch up with a friend.... Read The Rest →

at home with Michelle&Scott

Alright! I’m so excited to share this home with you guys. Michelle and Scott have been living in this fantastic little apartment for a little over 2 1/2 years now. And just under one year ago, they were joined by a little Gus. They always knew that a baby would mean they’d eventually have to figure out a solution to make the one bedroom space work or move to a different place. Because you can only share a bedroom with a baby for so long. A few months ago, it... Read The Rest →

Tiny Bathroom: BEFORE

So we’ve been living in our tiny apartment for a little over 2 years now, and I think it’s safe to say, we still really love it. It’s super liveable, it never feels crowded or like we don’t have enough space for the things we need to do. The only thing about it I don’t love is the lack of natural light, but the space itself is very functional and cozy. So the only real issue is one that we knew before going into it, so I think it’s been... Read The Rest →

At Home With Emily E

Guys, this will be the first of a regular feature you’ll be seeing here, and I’m super excited about it! Home and interior design is something that I’ve been interested in for a while, but I feel like I’ve come into my own a lot more in recent years. I was just chatting with a friend about the first place that I lived in after I moved out on my own, house that I shared with 3 of my cousins and one of my sisters (it was a little crazy, but... Read The Rest →

Before&After: Finch Espresso Bar

As some of you may know, I’ve been working very part time at Finch Espresso Bar on Upper James for the last 8 months or so. It started when The Edit closed down the store front and suddenly I had a little extra free time that wanted to use to maybe learn something new. We already frequented Finch, it’s right on our way when we do errands, and the coffee is fantastic. Oh, and we really liked the owner, Jess, who is basically always there. Not only is the coffee... Read The Rest →

Hello Harry

[[outfit details]]  lace button up//vintage [thrifted]  Top Shop high waisted shorts//[thrifted]  Denver Hayes leather clogs//[thrifted]  collar clip//repurposed vintage [Dessert for Breakfast] I’d like to take a second to note that this entire outfit was thrifted except the collar clip, which was handmade by a friend from repurposed jewelry. It’s always exciting when that happens. And not on purpose either. So yay for that. Now, onto more important things. Harry Potter, of course. After re-starting the Harry Potter series back in February (books, not movies), I’m happy to say I’m finished... Read The Rest →

Outtakes; July

Alrighty, so it’s halfway through August already, but no matter. Still gonna stick with this. I’m not a quitter! Not yet anyways. The first half of July, I was in Holland. That feels like forever ago now. And yes, I realize I’ve been leaning pretty hard on that trip for blog content, and this will be the last time you’ll see anything from it. Probably. And as much as you’re relieved that there will finally be some fresh topics, think about how I feel. What am I gonna write about... Read The Rest →

Back At It

[outfit details]  blazer//old [H&M]  basic tee//[Girl On The Wing]  necklace//gift [Modify Your Closet]  skirt&belt//vintage [thrifted]  boots//borrowed from Yen [yay for friends with the same size feet]  also, photos by Yen Ok now. It really has been a while. It used to be my goal to have some pictures ready to go so that I could write and edit my blog posts when I worked in The Edit storefront on Thursdays. But now that directions have been changed and the storefront is now a studio that doesn’t require constant attention, I... Read The Rest →

About Town: In Fine Feather Yoga Studio

[oufit details]  You Can Do Anything In Hamilton Tee [Russell Gibbs]  poncho//new [Urban Outfitters]  Blundstones//new [Miller’s Shoes]  Yoga Mat bag//Love My Mat   I’ve been a part of the In Fine Feather community for about 2 years now, ever since they opened in this studio location. It’s a pretty wonderful place, you come in and feel at home right away, always warmly greeted by the owner Helena or one of the staff, as well as the resident yoga kitty, Gus. You head to the change rooms to do your thing... Read The Rest →

About Town: Smalls Coffee & Nations

I’ve really been enjoying these summery days that we’re still having. Yes, part of me does want to wear sneakers and giant sweaters all the time and take pictures of me standing in leaves and be like, I’m a really good photographer, you can tell by the artful way I used the filters on this picture. But then again, I can basically do the same thing wearing shorts when someone makes me a fancy coffee with a heart on it (see picture below. also, not even a very good picture.... Read The Rest →

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