at home with Ben&Kira

One of my favourite parts of the holidays was having time to stop by a friend’s place for a nice lazy coffee for an hour or two. Everyone is off work (or school) and in slow down mode. We got to stop in at Ben and Kira’s cozy attic apartment just before Christmas and everything was festive and cozy. Ben made us delicious cappuccinos and Kira had just baked shortbread. I mean, seriously. It was pretty perfect. Their kitten Marvin was scampering around, but also doing some serious posing for... Read The Rest →

at home with Michelle&Scott

Alright! I’m so excited to share this home with you guys. Michelle and Scott have been living in this fantastic little apartment for a little over 2 1/2 years now. And just under one year ago, they were joined by a little Gus. They always knew that a baby would mean they’d eventually have to figure out a solution to make the one bedroom space work or move to a different place. Because you can only share a bedroom with a baby for so long. A few months ago, it... Read The Rest →

Tiny Party

One of the trickier things about living in a small space is entertaining. You are just very limited in what you can do/how many people you can have over at once. Which is something I miss, because when we bought our house, that was one of the things I was most excited about. Making the place ours and then sharing it with friends. Plus, it’s nice to have options other than the bar (although that is always fun too) but there’s more room to customize the party when you host... Read The Rest →

Tiny Bathroom: BEFORE

So we’ve been living in our tiny apartment for a little over 2 years now, and I think it’s safe to say, we still really love it. It’s super liveable, it never feels crowded or like we don’t have enough space for the things we need to do. The only thing about it I don’t love is the lack of natural light, but the space itself is very functional and cozy. So the only real issue is one that we knew before going into it, so I think it’s been... Read The Rest →

At Home With Emily E

Guys, this will be the first of a regular feature you’ll be seeing here, and I’m super excited about it! Home and interior design is something that I’ve been interested in for a while, but I feel like I’ve come into my own a lot more in recent years. I was just chatting with a friend about the first place that I lived in after I moved out on my own, house that I shared with 3 of my cousins and one of my sisters (it was a little crazy, but... Read The Rest →

Outtakes; July

Alrighty, so it’s halfway through August already, but no matter. Still gonna stick with this. I’m not a quitter! Not yet anyways. The first half of July, I was in Holland. That feels like forever ago now. And yes, I realize I’ve been leaning pretty hard on that trip for blog content, and this will be the last time you’ll see anything from it. Probably. And as much as you’re relieved that there will finally be some fresh topics, think about how I feel. What am I gonna write about... Read The Rest →

Hourly; Vol.1

I did it! I took a photo every hour. Kind of… I really had to make an effort and almost/did forget a few times, but I managed a bunch. I think it will be good to force myself to think more about documenting things a little more. Or it will just make me even more annoying to be around. Either way, I do like that I’m stopping a little more often to look for beauty in the everyday. Let’s see if I can keep it up. 8:30- don’t you even... Read The Rest →

Moving Forward

We finally started putting some finishing touches on our apartment this past week. We only moved down here in August, so it’s understandable that it’s taken this long, right? When we were doing the reno’s down here last year, I decided that if my uncle (who is a cabinet maker) just built the bottom cupboards in the living room, I would then myself build a shelving unit to go on top later on. Afterall, I’m handy and crafty and stuff and I had already screen shotted a bunch of pictures... Read The Rest →

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