Train Yard

    [[outfit details]]  blazer//vintage [thrifted]  pants//new [Winners]  clogs//vintage [thrifted]  t-shirt//new [H&M]  necklaces//long chain [The Edit] tassel [Aldo] Guys, I just don’t know what to write about. Even the title of this post sucks. It’s a real problem. I mean, I’ve been busy. There are things happening. But when I sit down to write, nothing comes. I’m really excited about these clogs I scored at Value Village a couple weeks ago though. They’ve been on my thrift list for a long time. Does anyone else do that? I have a... Read The Rest →

Hello Harry

[[outfit details]]  lace button up//vintage [thrifted]  Top Shop high waisted shorts//[thrifted]  Denver Hayes leather clogs//[thrifted]  collar clip//repurposed vintage [Dessert for Breakfast] I’d like to take a second to note that this entire outfit was thrifted except the collar clip, which was handmade by a friend from repurposed jewelry. It’s always exciting when that happens. And not on purpose either. So yay for that. Now, onto more important things. Harry Potter, of course. After re-starting the Harry Potter series back in February (books, not movies), I’m happy to say I’m finished... Read The Rest →

Book Club: November Selection + thoughts on Language of Flowers

For those of you that are paying attention, we did, in fact skip October. It’s one of those things, I don’t mind being a little late, up to a week or so. But even I have standards. And I figured, if the month is more than half done, then call it what it is and at least get a jump start on next time. So here we are, with our November book selection, and you even have time to get yourself a copy before the month starts! We will be... Read The Rest →

Book Club: September Pick + our thoughts on Gone Girl

book//Hamilton Public Library   americano//Cannon Coffee Co.  blueberry basil donut//Donut Monster I apologize that this is a little late, but we will be reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent for our September book selection! I picked up my copy from the Hamilton Public Library this morning (they have a bunch of copies, so get on it quick!) The story sounds really interesting, plus i just realized it’s based on true events, which I always like. You can read a quick synopsis for the book here. Also, if anyone read The... Read The Rest →

Book Club: August Pick

  Ok, so I know I said I was gonna post this yesterday, but I failed! One more reason to never make promises. I’ll likely just disappoint you. BUT! I made it to the library today and picked up my copy of The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, which is our book selection for August. You can read a synopsis and reviews of it here. Also, for anyone that read Gone Girl and wants to be part of the discussion, we are meeting Thursday, August 13th at 8. If... Read The Rest →

Book Club: July Selection

A couple weeks ago I had a chance to get together with some friends for dinner and we got to talking about books and how we are always looking for something new to read but never really know where to look, which I think is a problem a lot of people have. So we decided it’s time we started a book club. Our only rule is that there must be wine at all meetings. Something we all feel is very doable. I also thought it would be fun if I... Read The Rest →

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