Grown Up Pants

[[outfit details]]  trousers with suspenders//vintage [thrifted]  top//old [Vera Moda]  necklace//vintage [The Edit]  booties//vintage [thrifted] I just want to say, I’m pretty excited that I’m finally able to say that I own trousers. It just feels right. How else could you even describe these pants? See? Calling them pants just doesn’t them justice. I was excited when I saw them at the thrift store, but also very skeptical. I figured they would look terrible, but I’m all about equal opportunity (and going into the change room as few times as possible)... Read The Rest →

Train Yard

    [[outfit details]]  blazer//vintage [thrifted]  pants//new [Winners]  clogs//vintage [thrifted]  t-shirt//new [H&M]  necklaces//long chain [The Edit] tassel [Aldo] Guys, I just don’t know what to write about. Even the title of this post sucks. It’s a real problem. I mean, I’ve been busy. There are things happening. But when I sit down to write, nothing comes. I’m really excited about these clogs I scored at Value Village a couple weeks ago though. They’ve been on my thrift list for a long time. Does anyone else do that? I have a... Read The Rest →

Everyday Vintage

[[outfit details] ]  sweater//vintage [thrifted]  top//H&M [thrifted]  jeans//vintage [thrifted]  boots//Blundstones [Miller’s Shoes]  toque//Stay Home Club [GOTW]  bracelet//vintage [The Edit] This outfit, to me, is the perfect blend of vintage and modern for everyday. I know sometimes it seems like vintage is really only suitable for fancy occasions, what with those sequin dresses and sparkly costume jewelry. And obviously that’s a super fun way to work it into your closet. But, I definitely think mixing your vintage pieces in with your everyday outfits is not only doable, but makes getting dressed... Read The Rest →

It’s a New Year.

[outfit details]  Pendleton Blazer//vintage [thrifted]  fur collar//vintage [thrifted]  jeans//Levi’s [GOTW]  Doc Marten’s//vintage [gifted]  knuckle ring//Studio 205   So it’s the New Year. Well, almost anyway. What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Mostly the only thing I like about that question is the song. Or even better, this song. Other than that, I mostly don’t care when it comes to the New Year’s party thing. Maybe because you feel like you have to do something? I just don’t like it when people tell me what to do. I want to... Read The Rest →

Merry Christmas!

[outfit details]  dress//vintage [thrifted]  leather pants//Danier [thrifted]  booties//Clark’s [thrifted]  necklace//vintage [The Edit] Here we are again, Christmas is almost upon us. Hope you guys are all enjoying or looking forward to time spent with family and friends, or, more importantly, taking some precious time for yourself to really enjoy the season. I know it’s a busy time of year, and there’s really nothing we can do to stop that. But you should also take time to just read a book, sit back with a coffee, catch up with a friend.... Read The Rest →

Clothing Swap

[outfit details]  jacket//clothing swap  t-shirt//H&M  jeans//Levi’s [Girl On The Wing]  moccasins//Minnetonka [Soft Moc]  necklace//clothing swap A couple weeks ago I got together with some friends and we did a clothing swap. I really should of snapped some photos of the actual swap, but I was too busy getting the goods to have time to take pictures. It looked super cute though, plus there was lots of snacks and drinks. Side note, hangouts definitely get better as you age, it used to be that you were lucky if there were a... Read The Rest →

Winter is Coming

[outfit details]  top//thrifted  jeans//Levi’s [Girl On The Wing]  necklace//Homebody Ceramics [Hamilton Flea]  clogs//vintage [thrifted] So I guess it begins now, it’s almost November and the weather has decidedly taken a turn for the colder. I mean, we still have some nice days left, but this is the direction it’s heading. And you know what, I really don’t mind the winter for the most part. Seasons are great, we get to experience it all and appreciate what each one has to offer (right guys?? Don’t hate me.). I also think that... Read The Rest →

Come Together

[outfit details]  dress//vintage [the Edit]  leather booties//thrifted  fur cuff//vintage [the Edit] brass cuff//gift [White Elephant]  Jacob’s belt buckle//not sure, but you’re probably not cool enough to pull it off anyway My cousin got married a couple weeks ago, and since I love my family and dressing up for weddings and dancing, the day was a win-win-win. They got married at the Lakeview, this great venue that looks out over lake Ontario and it was  crazy windy day, so we got to watch the huge waves rolling in  during the ceremony.... Read The Rest →

Thrift Along: Value Village Ancaster

As you may have already noticed if you follow me on instagram, I had the opportunity to go to the Grand Opening for the new Value Village Ancaster a couple weeks ago. Yen, Julie and myself were invited to check it out and Value Village graciously gave us each $50 to spend. And then our little group grew because sisters and friends wanted to check out the new digs as well! Which was great, because they are all lovely people, but also slightly worrying because for some reason we are... Read The Rest →

Holland Style

You may remember that I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I packed my bags for Holland with some life changing list making. Now, you get to see the results of that masterful packing job! I meant to snap a couple pictures every day (*make Dan snap a couple pictures every day*), so you could see how versatile some of the pieces were. But mostly I forgot. Hey, if this blog was built on good intentions, it would probably suck a lot less. (That’s how the saying... Read The Rest →

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