Winter is Coming

[outfit details]  top//thrifted  jeans//Levi’s [Girl On The Wing]  necklace//Homebody Ceramics [Hamilton Flea]  clogs//vintage [thrifted] So I guess it begins now, it’s almost November and the weather has decidedly taken a turn for the colder. I mean, we still have some nice days left, but this is the direction it’s heading. And you know what, I really don’t mind the winter for the most part. Seasons are great, we get to experience it all and appreciate what each one has to offer (right guys?? Don’t hate me.). I also think that... Read The Rest →

Come Together

[outfit details]  dress//vintage [the Edit]  leather booties//thrifted  fur cuff//vintage [the Edit] brass cuff//gift [White Elephant]  Jacob’s belt buckle//not sure, but you’re probably not cool enough to pull it off anyway My cousin got married a couple weeks ago, and since I love my family and dressing up for weddings and dancing, the day was a win-win-win. They got married at the Lakeview, this great venue that looks out over lake Ontario and it was  crazy windy day, so we got to watch the huge waves rolling in  during the ceremony.... Read The Rest →

Thrift Along: Value Village Ancaster

As you may have already noticed if you follow me on instagram, I had the opportunity to go to the Grand Opening for the new Value Village Ancaster a couple weeks ago. Yen, Julie and myself were invited to check it out and Value Village graciously gave us each $50 to spend. And then our little group grew because sisters and friends wanted to check out the new digs as well! Which was great, because they are all lovely people, but also slightly worrying because for some reason we are... Read The Rest →

Holland Style

You may remember that I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I packed my bags for Holland with some life changing list making. Now, you get to see the results of that masterful packing job! I meant to snap a couple pictures every day (*make Dan snap a couple pictures every day*), so you could see how versatile some of the pieces were. But mostly I forgot. Hey, if this blog was built on good intentions, it would probably suck a lot less. (That’s how the saying... Read The Rest →

Data Roaming

[[outfit details]]  jumpsuit//vintage [The Edit]  clutch//local handmade [Hands&Feet]  necklace//new [Monki]  cuff//local handmade [White Elephant]  leather clogs//new [thrifted]   As I have mentioned in other posts, we were recently in Holland for a few weeks. One of my  dutch cousins got married and a bunch of us were able to make the trek out there. Thanks Jordan and Elisa for giving us all a good reason to visit! We really had such a great time, a lot of family hang outs, walking and little coffees were had. Oh, and stroopwafels, gouda... Read The Rest →

Back At It

[outfit details]  blazer//old [H&M]  basic tee//[Girl On The Wing]  necklace//gift [Modify Your Closet]  skirt&belt//vintage [thrifted]  boots//borrowed from Yen [yay for friends with the same size feet]  also, photos by Yen Ok now. It really has been a while. It used to be my goal to have some pictures ready to go so that I could write and edit my blog posts when I worked in The Edit storefront on Thursdays. But now that directions have been changed and the storefront is now a studio that doesn’t require constant attention, I... Read The Rest →

Forward Motions

[outfit details]  wool button up//vintage [Out Of The Past]  LBD//vintage [Modify Your Closet]  brooch//vintage [The Edit]  tights//new [American Apparel]  boots//last season [Marshall’s]   Oh hey January! How about that. We’re already almost halfway done you. Funny how that is. Time carries ever on, constant and unchanging, and yet we look back and can’t believe how we ever got here. That usually means we are doing good and exciting things, so I’m glad for that speedy time. It’s been a good few weeks over here, Dan’s been on break from school,... Read The Rest →

Remembrance Day

[outfit details]  top//new [Vero Moda]  skirt//vintage [The Edit]  shoes//thrifted [Clark’s] Let me just preface this post by saying that this whole daylight savings thing has really made taking pictures very difficult. I’ve dressed up a few times in the past few weeks, but unless dinner is starting at 4:00, those outfits are going undocumented. You also may have noticed that I’ve made a habit of starting out most of my posts by making some sort of excuse or complaint. Apparently that’s just what I do, so either get on board... Read The Rest →

Looking to the Jellyfish

[outfit details]  dress//vintage [Mama Loves You]  jeans//old [American Eagle]  shoes//vintage [thrifted]  collar clips//repurposed vintage [Dessert for Breakfast] Over the last couple weeks we’ve had some family visiting from Holland. I’ll blame my lack of blog posting on them, but honestly, things just get away from me most of the time. Anyways. It was really great to take some time away from regular life and reconnect over music, swap books and just hang out because that’s ok. There’s no pressure to ‘do’ stuff, but just to recharge a little by being... Read The Rest →


[outfit details]  lace jacket//vintage [Mama Loves You]  jeans//old [Winners]  platform sandals//thrifted [Micheal Kors]  wood bangle//thrifted   I’ve been a little MIA here lately, life has been nutty and things catch up with you sometimes. But, weirdly enough, something as simple as writing a blog post can give you back a little bit of normalcy. And the assurance that life does, in fact, carry on, no matter if I wasn’t able to do any dishes or get groceries this week, at least I’m able to hold on to these little things... Read The Rest →

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