at home with Michelle&Scott


Alright! I’m so excited to share this home with you guys.

Michelle and Scott have been living in this fantastic little apartment for a little over 2 1/2 years now. And just under one year ago, they were joined by a little Gus. They always knew that a baby would mean they’d eventually have to figure out a solution to make the one bedroom space work or move to a different place. Because you can only share a bedroom with a baby for so long. A few months ago, it had gotten to that point where they needed separate sleeping areas for the sake of everyone getting a good night’s sleep. But they weren’t quite ready to say good bye to this little home they had made, so they made it work by installing a murphy bed in their living room (all their clothes, etc. stayed in the bedroom with Gus, the separation is just for night time) You wouldn’t even know it’s a bed, it folds into the wall and just looks like some shallow white cabinets. (I’m a dummy and forgot to get a picture of it. It’s exactly opposite the mantle piece) It’s such a great example of not needing a ton of square footage to have a home, you just need to be a little creative sometimes.


[look at that cute little face!]


[ok I lied. I took a picture of the corner of the murphy bed.]




The best part about taking pictures this time of year was that everything was all decorated for Christmas, so it was extra cute! Their living room gets tons of natural light from those tall windows. And that mantle piece!! It’s just everything.



Their place is actually on the main floor of a tri-plex and some friends live in the other apartments. So we got a little visit from Kira and Marvin the kitten. We were all pretty excited about it.




In case you hadn’t already noticed, Scott and Michelle are both artists as well. I love how they curated the pieces around their place, some originals done by Scott, pieces from other local artists, gifts from friends and things inspired by Hamilton. It’s such a great collection and so beautifully displayed.




Coziest little nook! I mean, I’m sure Gus sits quietly in his chair looking at books all the time, right Michelle?






And how can we not finish it off with this sweet face?

Thanks for having me over guys! You can find Michelle and Scott on instagram here and here.

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