at home with Ben&Kira

img_9480One of my favourite parts of the holidays was having time to stop by a friend’s place for a nice lazy coffee for an hour or two. Everyone is off work (or school) and in slow down mode. We got to stop in at Ben and Kira’s cozy attic apartment just before Christmas and everything was festive and cozy. Ben made us delicious cappuccinos and Kira had just baked shortbread. I mean, seriously. It was pretty perfect. Their kitten Marvin was scampering around, but also doing some serious posing for the camera.

Every corner of their place seemed to be filled with something interesting/beautiful. I guess that’s what happens you put together two people who have an eye for detail. And it doesn’t hurt that Kira is an artist/graphic designer.


img_9467img_9472You see all those beautiful and bright ornaments on the tree? Yeah, they made those. Cut up scrap wood and hand painted. Seriously. So beautiful.



img_9468This apartment has so much natural light and I love that they’ve filled every window with plants. They just add so much life and natural beauty to a space.


img_9477If you hadn’t already noticed, their place is also filled with handmade clocks. Ben and Kira are the owners of Ora Clocks, and they make custom, hand painted clocks. They are such a great, long lasting piece to add to your home. Because you always need to tell time, so you might as well do it in style.


img_9475Oh yeah. And their kitten Marvin. He’s so cute! He’s feisty and playful and followed me around the whole time I was taking pictures. I feel like this wasn’t his first modelling job. What a guy.


img_9478And then we put him in a tiny reindeer hat. Which I don’t think he was a huge fan of. Weird.

He made quick work of retreating to his little basket for a nap after the reindeer cat photo ordeal. Such a hard life.


img_9479Thanks for letting us visit guys! You can find Kira on Instagram HERE and Ora Clocks HERE. They are both wonderful feeds to follow, so you should probably go do that.



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