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img_9668[[outfit details] ]  sweater//vintage [thrifted]  top//H&M [thrifted]  jeans//vintage [thrifted]  boots//Blundstones [Miller’s Shoes]  toque//Stay Home Club [GOTW]  bracelet//vintage [The Edit]

This outfit, to me, is the perfect blend of vintage and modern for everyday. I know sometimes it seems like vintage is really only suitable for fancy occasions, what with those sequin dresses and sparkly costume jewelry. And obviously that’s a super fun way to work it into your closet. But, I definitely think mixing your vintage pieces in with your everyday outfits is not only doable, but makes getting dressed for work way more fun. Even better, thrifting vintage allows me to have so many pieces in my wardrobe that I probably wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. I’m a firm believer in paying more for very wearable, good quality pieces. But that doesn’t always leave a huge budget to add in those fun pieces that make your closet ‘you’. But thrifting really allows me to do that. Plus, you just never know what your going to find at the thrift store. Cheap thrills, guys.

I would (and did) wear this outfit to do some errands/shopping, then to work and to visit a friend after. On the practical side, it was very comfy and warm, but still stylish and interesting enough to go out with friends in. And it was so affordable!! The toque and boots are the only things I bought brand new. And both are staples for me all through out the winter, so I was more than happy to pay for them. The sweater and jeans are both vintage and thrifted. That sweater is some kind of polyester knit thing and it is ridiculously warm. The jeans are vintage Kirkland (aw yeah!) and they fit great but were a little boring so I added the fraying for interest. The peplum top under my sweater is from H&M but I thrifted it with tags on. The bracelet is vintage from The Edit, but I don’t have a ton of jewelry, so I like to invest in quality pieces I know that I’ll wear over and over.

So there you have it. A mix of lots of era’s and price ranges and pieces that I will (and do) wear over and over again. Sometimes vintage is about that crazy dress that you will probably only wear once. But it can also be super practical and a big part of your every day wear. And bonus, no one else will have the same outfit as you.

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