at home with Abby&Andrew

Sorry for the brief hiatus friends! I’ve been working on getting ahead of my game, lining up photo shoots and what not, but in the process took an unintentional blogging break. I have lots of good stuff coming up in the next few weeks though, and I’m excited to kick it off with Abby and Andrew’s minimal and cozy space.




I met Abby through volunteering at 541 Eatery&Exchange. She moved to Hamilton with her husband Andrew about 3 years ago and shortly after getting here, Abby started volunteering at 541, which eventually turned into a job. Through her role there, they have met and made so many friends, including their current house mates. After living on their own in an apartment for over a year, they decided they wanted to try communal living with another couple. They are part of growing number of people that I know who are doing this, and I find it really interesting. I mean, I get that it’s not for everyone, but it’s a great way to make life more affordable, reinforce relationships and get to know and love friends on such a deeper level.


Each couple has 2 rooms on the second floor to themselves, but the rest of the space is shared. I love the feeling of a home that is used well, there is no wasted space and it feels welcoming and full in the best way. And the chance to live and grow with friends is an opportunity you don’t often get beyond the room mate years. I think the experience would be so different now. Of course, it comes with it’s own challenges I’m sure, but what in life doesn’t?

The main living areas are simple, but with many personal touches. Cozy, but uncluttered. Lived in and well loved.







Abby and Andrew’s bedroom is small, but makes up for size with lots of natural light and plants. I love the splash of colour from the rug, it’s just the right amount. I love a serene bedroom and I can see this being the perfect place to sit and read a book and enjoy a coffee when you’re looking to get a few moments to yourself to recharge.





Thank you Abby for having me over and sharing your home with me! And to her house mates, for also allowing me to see how you all do life together. You can find Abby and her beautifully pared down aesthetic on instagram HERE. Also, her house mate Joanna has had a hand in a very inspiring and wonderful instagram account that I encourage you all to check out, the Vagina Monologues Hamilton, pairing photos and stories of strong, unique Hamilton women. A great reminder that we all need to support each other.


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