Strange Days







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We took these pictures when we had some sun. You know. Further back than we can remember.

It’s funny how that is. I guess it’s just how we are as humans. We can have pretty short term memories. Do you think it’s a defense mechanism in a way? It protects us from the pain of memory sometimes. When we need it.

And then that thing we’ve been missing will come back again and we’ll forget it ever left.

Not really sure where I’m going with this. It’s been a weird week, hasn’t it? A lot of pushing and pulling from every side. A lot of people positive that their way is the only way.

Now, a lot of people have legitimate points. But I think sometimes, in all of it, we can forget to a) Listen to what other people have to say and b) Have some grace and understanding for people who don’t necessarily agree with us, but might have very good reasons for what they believe too.

Because people going on facebook and saying THIS IS WHAT I THINK AND IF YOU DON’T AGREE, YOU’RE PROBABLY A TERRIBLE HUMAN.

Well, that’s just leaving a lot of people feeling pretty lonely, secluded and scared to talk about why they believe in what they do. Myself included.

Let’s be people that listen first. I’m not asking you to compromise your beliefs. But be a safe place for others to be heard. I think you might be surprised at what you hear sometimes.

And you know what? The sun will come out again. That I know for sure.

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