at home with Jentine&Matt

I got to visit Jentine (Yen) from The Edit last week in the home that she shares with her husband Matt and two kitty babes, Kyle and Bec. They’ve lived in this house for 6 years, but Yen has lived in Hamilton since her family immigrated here 27 years ago. Funny story, they moved into their current home the same weekend that we moved into ours and they live just around the corner from us, but we weren’t friends yet so we had no idea. But now we go on walks together every week like real cute neighbours.


Anyways. As you can imagine, their house is filled with lots of vintage treasures mixed in with new pieces. Some with sentimental value, some just because they’re sparkly and pretty. Yen’s parents were always into thrifting and flea markets so she learned young to how to spot those special pieces in amongst the junk.





There are so many wonderful details in this room, but it still feels light and airy with all that natural light. And those OG lead tape windows!! So so good. I know that old houses are a lot of work in some ways, but man, there are some things that you just won’t ever get in a new build unless you’re able to design it yourself.


The painting of the little boy with the kitten is just the sweetest.



Who makes a knick knack shelf look this good?



A little peek into the foyer, just off the living room (sorry Yen, forgot to check if all the frames were straight before I took the picture. Still looks good though!)


And I even got to do a little tour of the personal closet of The Edit! Can you say exclusive? Haha.

As you would expect, it’s very roomy, bright and full of amazing things.





Obviously we used Kyle as a prop because he’s so cute and fluffy!! He tolerates it because he knows this is the price of being beautiful.

Thanks so much for taking the tour with me! You can find Yen’s shop The Edit on Etsy HERE, on Instagram HERE  and her personal Instagram account HERE.




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