in the studio with Wild Blue Yonder

Hey everyone, so glad you could join me for a tour of Amber Aasman’s studio where she runs her handmade jewelry business Wild Blue Yonder.

The studio is in the attic of Amber’s home and it is full of natural light and beautiful jewelry. It was so fun looking around at all her pieces spread throughout the space, in different stages of being finished. Each one is unique, made with found fragments of wood, bark and lichen from travels in our great Canadian outdoors. Often overlooked details are now on full display in each piece.

Amber is hoping to inspire you with her love of nature and adventure through each piece, and I don’t know about you, but it’s working for me. All I want to do is go on a hike and so I can take the time to really look around me and take it in in all it’s wonderful detail and beauty.

Her studio is broken up into two rooms, the smaller one at the front of the house is where a lot of the physical work goes into each piece, like pouring the epoxy resin into molds, sanding down each piece and prepping them for the finished product.

The main room is where all the finished pieces are sorted and prepped for shipping. There’s also a great little sitting area that gets all the sun from the skylight, it feels like the best place to take a break and plan what’s next. And of course, the space is full of Amber’s artwork, every corner seems to have a stack. Not a bad problem to have.

Amber does all her own product photography as well, as each piece is unique, this is an important part of the process so you can see what details make up each pendant when choosing which one is for you.

Amber, thanks for showing us your space and letting us in on how you make your beautiful jewelry!

You can find the Wild Blue Yonder website HERE, instagram account HERE and facebook HERE for updates on new collections and more behind the scenes inspirations and processes.






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