Grown Up Pants

[[outfit details]]  trousers with suspenders//vintage [thrifted]  top//old [Vera Moda]  necklace//vintage [The Edit]  booties//vintage [thrifted]

I just want to say, I’m pretty excited that I’m finally able to say that I own trousers. It just feels right. How else could you even describe these pants? See? Calling them pants just doesn’t them justice.

I was excited when I saw them at the thrift store, but also very skeptical. I figured they would look terrible, but I’m all about equal opportunity (and going into the change room as few times as possible) so I threw them in the basket. And what a happy ending to that story, because I think these are the only clothing item I ended up buying. Always try new stuff at the thrift store, I can’t tell you how many times the thing that I grabbed on a whim was my favourite piece. And usually the most interesting. These are the pieces that make getting dressed fun.

Also. If I didn’t wear a piece of jewelry from The Edit, was it a real outfit?

Thrifting jewelry has never been my strength, so I’m glad my girl Yen is so dedicated to it. Working together never looked so good.

You should also know that I wore this outfit to a baby shower and Yen busted me for wearing athletic socks (I mean, they were black. And you can’t see them when I’m wearing the boots.) But she wasn’t accepting my excuses. Accountability, guys. It’s all a part of being a team. We need to be there for each other, even when it means speaking hard truths.

Go team!


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