Heading North

Hey! Hi! Hello! I’ve just come back from 5 days up in Thunder Bay with Dan. We explored, hung out, drank coffee, took outfit pictures. Oh yeah, and looked at a million houses. Because we’re moving there! AH!

A lot of you already knew that, but there it is. Dan is up there now because he got accepted into Lakehead to finish off his bachelor’s degree, and he started summer courses yesterday. So it’s just me here in Hamilton for now until I head back up in a couple weeks to rejoin him.

Leaving Hamilton. It’s definitely a weird feeling. But it’s not good-bye forever. It’s more of a see you soon. School is only 2 years after all. And to hedge our bets, we’re not even selling our house in Hamilton. Because we know we’re coming back. Ok? Ok.

But, in the meantime, we are hoping to buy a place in Thunder Bay and document the whole thing, so you can all follow along with us! Sounds fun, right? I mean, I’m excited about it. So even if just a couple of you are into it, well that’s just a bonus. I’ve never had the forethought to document an entire house project from start to finish. It’s always as your halfway through a tear out when you remember that you should have taken a couple of before photos. Or after you’ve already lived there for a couple years.

But not this time! I’m on top of it guys. And you’re gonna see it all.

We haven’t gotten a place yet, but we’re hoping something will firm up in the next couple of weeks. And while we’re figuring out all those details, I’ll be hanging around in Hamilton for a few more weeks, packing up our apartment (which I hope to take photos of before I go as well, so you can check out the tiny little home that we lived in and loved for 3 years) and then I’ll be trekking back up North with the dogs to join Dan!

So basically if anyone wants to come over and pack boxes, drink wine and cry with me, I’ll be here.

Seriously though. It’ll be sad to leave Hamilton. Of course I’m excited for new adventures, but I’m also pretty glad to know you are all only a short plane ride away.


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