A Home in Thunder Bay

Welcome to the House on Bernard! We’re in it, we’ve been demo-ing like crazy (have a new kitchen coming next week) and brainstorming lots of ideas for the rest of the place. It’s hard not to get ahead of myself, to not be picking out finishes before I’ve ripped out all the lath & plaster (Seriously though. So much lath & plaster!!). That’s one thing that I’m trying to learn, that patience at the beginning, though difficult, is the best way to have spaces you will love still in a year or two. Also, the best way to get a feel for a house, to learn what your routes and patterns will be, is just by living in it.

Something that I’ve never done before that I’m working on for this place is coming up with a mood board/colour scheme for the whole house before I start buying/painting stuff. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and buy all matching furniture sets or anything. But I think it will really help to give the house a more cohesive feel, plus, it gives me some direction when I am out shopping so that I don’t come home with too many throw pillows that were on sale at Homesense and are so cute, but oops, they don’t actually work with the style of anything in the entire house (Not that that’s happened to me before or anything.)

With that said, here’s the photos of the house and some of my first thoughts on what we’ll do with it. We also immediately scattered our stuff everywhere, so you get to see that too. You’re welcome.

[Foyer] I’m thinking that we will white wash the dark wood panelling and put some sort of bench along it and a runner to make it a distinct space.

[Living Room] The biggest update in this room will be the windows. Other than that, mostly paint and furniture. I want to do a built in window seat as well because cosy!

[Dining Room] We are currently in the process of taking the wall down between this and the kitchen. Bringing in a lot more natural light from the 2 windows in the kitchen and we will tie the 2 rooms together with a small island. We have some fun ideas for this room, but we’ll let you in on those when we get to them.

[Kitchen] This is the room that needs the most work in the house. The kitchen is just a bunch of random cabinets that all got painted the same colour. The layout is inefficient, it has fluorescent lighting, a drop ceiling, poor workmanship. So many reasons to get rid of it.

[Upstairs] The stairwell divides the living room and dining room. There’s a little landing space at the top with pine panelling and hooks.

[Master Bedroom] It might be the master, but it is still pretty small. The one big issue we need to deal with in the bedrooms is the closet space. There is currently only one that fits a hanger in it. And it is tiny. If you have any creative small space closet ideas, I’d love to hear them!

[Second Bedroom/Office] This room is very small. It’s hard to get pictures of it because it’s so small. We’re setting up a desk in there right now for Dan for school work. A real office! So exciting!

[Bathroom] This room was renovated recently and done properly. Hooray! Basically going to leave it, maybe change out the sconces and mirror and add some shelving for storage. But for now, it is doing a great job.

[Basement] Currently, there is a bedroom down there, but I’m working on taking it down. I’ll probably wall off the laundry room instead and keep the rest of it open. We plan to put in a second bathroom down there plus a roomy guest area.

[Backyard] This area is entirely fenced off, which is great for the dogs. I weeded the gardens and cleaned it up a bunch. So now it will be in decent shape for next year when we will probably make it more of an outdoor hang out space.

Here is drawing of the layout of the house so you can situate the rooms a little better.

It’s not a huge place, which we like. It’s a great size for us and it’s going to flow really nicely. I’ll do more detailed posts on each room as we work on them. First up will be the kitchen! I’m working on a post with some inspiration and progress pictures. And I’ll need you to weigh in on some important design decisions that I’m considering. Look for that next week!









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