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These photos are from a few weeks ago, when the kitchen still had walls. I do believe we took them after we had been out for the morning and then as soon as we were done, I changed into work clothes and tore the rest of the walls down. It’s kind of cool to see how far we’ve come already, even in a few weeks. Because, my goodness, it’s easy to get caught up in/overwhelmed by all the things that still need to get done, that I can forget how far we’ve already come. And that’s something that’s worth being excited about too. Self Five! (Dan’s not here right now, ok?)

And has it seriously been a month and a half already? Come on. I guess it’s time to start getting into more of a rhythm here. Dan is officially back in school for over a week now, I think this afternoon it’s time for me to start making the best of our closet situation. Which is less than ideal, by the way. But, realistically, I won’t be able to dedicate a ton of time to what I’m going to do with the bedroom until the kitchen is at a useable point. But I also can’t keep piling laundry in baskets on the floor for much longer. And as much as I like to just go out and buy new stuff, we are on a budget here, plus, I have lots of great clothes still in boxes, I just have nowhere to put everything. So today, I organize and make the best of the situation. I just have to focus on one thing at a time, because I am way too easily distracted and then I start a million tasks but never finish any of them.

Also. How have I not talked about this outfit yet? Because jumpsuits are having a serious moment right now, and honestly, while I personally love them, I didn’t think it would last this long. But I was browsing Urban Outfitters/Asos last night, and these babies are dominating. They even have their own section now. The only thing is, they are kind of expensive, plus I will never buy a jumpsuit online because, as anyone with a long torso knows, camel toe is a real problem. So I need to be able to try them on before I can commit. I picked this one up at Value Village a couple weeks ago and it was less than $10. All I had to do was get rid of the shoulder pads and style it out a little to make it modern again. This whole outfit is vintage, but it definitely doesn’t feel outdated.


  • Haha… focus on one thing at a time good luck on that! Wondering what your kitchen will look like when finished….hope you can he into the swing o f things over there…love the blog

  • That jumpsuit is honestly gorgeous!

    I love the jumpsuit trend. I feel like – if you can find em to fit- they’re a short girls dream.

    I would love a black and white checkerboard suit, or one in all grey… Planning to check out a new vintage shop in Guelph this month, so maybe I’ll find my match there!

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