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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I wasn’t sure what our first official holiday away from family would be like, but it turned out more than ok (not to say that we didn’t miss everyone of course).

I worked Saturday afternoon, but we finally took a minute to check out the Thunder Bay Country Market in the morning. There was a guy making poffertjes (super delish Dutch mini pancakes) and I found a great little vintage booth (Jewels of Crown) that I am sure I will be visiting frequently, so that was a success.

Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary, so Dan made some Finnish pancakes for breakfast (like a crepe, but a little thicker. we apparently really like European versions of pancakes.) and I made the coffee and we had a slow morning together. Then in the afternoon we decided to quickly rip up the last bit of subfloor in the kitchen that was under the sink, because with 2 of us, it would probably only take a few minutes. 2 hours later, we finally finished. So that kind of killed our afternoon hiking plans, but we got the job taken care of and we did it together, so still a good day in my books.

Monday we had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and it was nice to have a reason to bake/cook for people again (even though our kitchen set up isn’t perfect, we make it work) and our friends smoked the turkey, which was so so tasty. Food and company were all A++.

And all throughout the weekend we got texts from friends and family, saying hi, congratulating us, sending us love and checking in on us. It’s not lost on us, and we so appreciate every single one of you. Feeling full up on thanksgiving.

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