Found; Vol.1

Since we made the move to Thunder Bay with just a truck and a 6×12 U-Haul trailer, you can imagine that we didn’t have much in the way of furniture. With our old apartment being tiny and full of built in closets and cupboards, we had no room or need for any extra storage. So we really just had our couch and a few chairs to bring along. Other than that, we needed to start from scratch.

And it wasn’t just furniture, also decor. While we have quite a bit of art and other stuff that came with us, this place is still bigger, so more walls to fill, plus I’d like it to have a unique style to our old place, while still feeling like us. I’d like to keep it fairly simple, and fill in the gaps left by our current stuff with pieces that I’m collecting slowly from thrift stores and other second hand places. I’m hoping to end up with sort of a 60’s Scandinavian cozy cabin feel. Not in an over the top way, but Thunder Bay is a very Finnish town, so I feel like that makes a lot of sense here, plus, it’s cold for a pretty significant amount of the year, so I want to have a warm, cabin-y feel.

As you could have guessed, I’ve been doing a bunch of thrifting and collecting of all these things since I got here. As I collect more and more, I feel like my vision is becoming increasingly streamlined. I’m getting a better idea of what I want to do for colour schemes and what kinds of textiles/furniture styles/types of pieces I’m still looking for. Now, I haven’t shown you any of this stuff yet because I was always thinking that you’d see it all when the rooms are finished. But honestly, that will probably be a while, some things more than others. So I thought I’d break down what I have so far into mini collections to show you, and I’ll also break down where each item is from and how much I paid for it. It can give you some insight into how I furnish/decorate on a budget and it will be kind of cool to show you the pieces on their own, and then later on, how I style them in the finished rooms.

All these pieces have been collected in Thunder Bay. Some are thrifted, some are consignment, some are kijiji, but they are all vintage/second hand.

Collection No.1

Woven Diamond Wall Hanging

$5- Value Village

Mid Century Modern Starburst Clock

$20- Value Village

Mid Century Modern Armchair

$80- Kijiji

Footed Copper Planter

$4- Value Village





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