Playlist #1

I feel like lately a lot of the albums I’ve been picking up are new releases by artists that have been favourites for years. So even though I’ve been listening to a lot of new music, there’s not been a lot of new artists. Which isn’t always a bad thing, especially when they keep on releasing such fantastic music. Bahamas most recent album is no exception. It’s the perfect mix of upbeat and mellow, which has been the best sound track as I’m working away at getting stuff ready for the new shop! If you haven’t listened to it yet, it is definitely worth picking up.

Here’s a couple other tracks I’ve also been coming back to recently.

Mo Kenney – 5 years     such a good Bowie cover. I’m not even a huge Bowie fan, but this is alright.

Fleetwood Mac – never going back again     that Buckingham guitar though

Lucinda Williams – can’t let it go     still need to pick up her new album, but this one is still so solid

Joel Plaskett – Park Avenue Sobriety Test     the new single. so poppy, so good

Elliot Brood – jigsaw heart     they played a sold out show in Hamilton a couple weeks ago at Mills Hardware. I’m jealous of everyone who got tickets.

Rah Rah – the poet’s dead     straight and simple rock and roll


What’s your go to work music?




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