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[outfit details] sweater//new [Zara]  crop top//vintage [thrifted]  necklace//vintage [thrifted]  skirt//vintage [thrifted]  boots//new [Ralph Lauren]


This was the second time that I took these outfit pictures (and when I say I, I mean Dan of course. For a reluctant photographer, he does ok for himself) Unfortunately, the cold makes for impatience and lots of, “ok, that’s probably good enough.” So of course I didn’t notice til we were home that in the first round my necklace was half tucked into my shirt the whole time. Rookie mistake. It was too bad too, because the sunset was quite wonderful the first time around, but I’m definitely ok with settling for some gently falling snow instead. And I’d take all of that over the deep freeze we’ve been in the last few days. I know. Blah blah weather blah blah. Sorry to bring it up, it’s like we hate it, but we kind of love having something to complain about. Seriously though. Good thing February’s almost over and I own a blanket sweater.

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