Right Here Waiting

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[outfit details] Pendleton blazer//vintage [thrifted]  crochet top//vintage [Vintage Soul Geek]  necklace//new [Aldo]  boots//new [Ralph Lauren]


A couple weeks I was out and about on a Saturday morning, checking out the new space at Studio 205. It’s such a great place, host to so many fantastic artisans, I feel like there is something there for everyone. Plus, they have an espresso bar, so you can grab a latte while you wander around. And if that’s not enough, they are also serving up Grandad’s Donuts, so now I don’t have to drive all the way to Bay and James to get their delicious donuts anymore! (that is a good thing, right?!) I picked up a lovely Laura Konyndyk framed print while I was there, which I actually just hung up last night (and it looks great. Of course. I’ll post soon with some pictures!) And since I was on King St and it was a beautiful sunny day, I figured I might as well take a little walk down the street to check out the newly opened Vintage Soul Geek. They have so many great pieces there, and I grabbed this crocheted top. So comfy and wearable, I can’t wait til it’s warm enough to wear with some cutoff shorts. I’m glad I took some time to visit the International Village and some of the many great shops there, because even though I do my best to support small and local businesses, sometimes you have to be very intentional about it or it never happens. Shopping local is so important if we care about the communities we live in and want them to thrive. Plus, you usually find more interesting things and end up making friends with the people that are working and living in our neighbourhoods. Who doesn’t want that?

And now, let’s direct our attention to the following pictures for a minute. Dan assured me that these would be my favourite ones, and I have to say, he wasn’t wrong. I feel like I’m in some sort of epic movie, waiting in the foreground as the conquering hero arrives home. And then! There’s two of them, what a joyous event! I crouch down with my arms open wide as they run into them and probably knock me over as Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx plays over the scene. And then the movie will end on a freeze frame of me laughing and being licked exuberantly, because that’s just how good cinema is made.



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