Moving Forward

IMG_7237We finally started putting some finishing touches on our apartment this past week. We only moved down here in August, so it’s understandable that it’s taken this long, right? When we were doing the reno’s down here last year, I decided that if my uncle (who is a cabinet maker) just built the bottom cupboards in the living room, I would then myself build a shelving unit to go on top later on. Afterall, I’m handy and crafty and stuff and I had already screen shotted a bunch of pictures from instagram that I liked. It would be no problem. Bring us to about a month ago. We still had the TV sitting on the scrap piece of melamine that had been thrown on top of the cabinets in August, ‘just for now.’ And I knew that I was just too lazy to ever complete this project. Luckily for us, friends of ours, brothers Zac and Steve Aasman, had just decided to go out on their own in a fine wood working/high quality carpentry venture called Circle A. So we got them to come in and look at the space and see what they thought. We ended up going with a slab of walnut to finish off the top of the cupboards, offsetting the white and complementing the dark grain in our flooring. And it looks amazing!! I was so happy in fact, that on the weekend following the install I was motivated to hang up some pictures, unpack a whole bunch of boxes that were rammed under the stairs, and actually start to make it look a little cozier in here,  as opposed to throwing random crap on the cabinets that we didn’t know where else to put. Not to mention, having the functional surface made it so that we could free up the shelving space inside the cabinets of the books and records that were being held hostage and actually use the shelves for their true purpose, hiding the aforementioned random crap (which is always important, but especially so in a small space as the tiniest bit of clutter makes the whole place feel messy). I’m so happy with how it all turned out, and getting some pictures on the walls makes the space feel so much more like a little home. Plus, along with some of our old favourites from upstairs, I got to add a few new pieces, like my Laura Konyndyk print in the record corner. So thanks for the great work and the kickstart to finish off this area, Circle A!!

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