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Kira was kind enough to let me borrow this photo. They had better seats, thus, a better vantage point. And I guess she was just more ok than me about having her camera out all the time. Yeah, she’s that girl.  (JK! You’re the best Kir!)


We went to see the Decemberists at Massey Hall on Monday night this past week. And. It. Was. Amazing. I’m a long time fan of the band, they are all great musicians, their albums are always solid, plus the frontman Colin Meloy is super funny. (full disclosure. This was actually the 5th time I’ve seen them. Total fangirl. And I regret nothing.) Anyways. They also had this super beautiful background artwork that was changing constantly with colours and light. It was legit magical. There’s no other way to describe it. It was designed by Carson Ellis, who is an amazing illustrator and  also happens to be Colin’s wife. Whatta couple. The music, the venue, the laughs, and to top it all off, they ended the night with Mariner’s Revenge Song (which obviously included a giant paper whale puppet that came on the stage and ate the band). If you’re a fan you will understand just how awesome that would be. And if you’re not a fan, well, why not?


IMG_4606We snapped a couple super rushed, poorly lit pictures in the parking garage on the way in.

[outfit details] H&M tank dress//thrifted  pleather jacket//thrifted  necklace//vintage [The Edit]  converse sneakers//new [Rock ‘N’ Tees]

IMG_4608Massey Hall is the best. Even when you have the worst seats in the house (which we pretty much did) you still can see/hear/experience everything perfectly. Unless you get stuck behind a pole. Then you’re screwed.


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