Always Excuses

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[outfit details]  dress//vintage [thrifted]  belt//vintage [thrifted]  clutch//vintage [thrifted]  booties//Clark’s [thrifted]


I went to a wedding reception this past weekend and of course, I really wanted to buy a new outfit, because, you know. It’s like, fun to buy stuff. But I decided to be responsible and wear something I already owned. Look at me being an adult, I thought. Until last week, when I decided that actually, it would probably be ok to buy something AS LONG AS it was thrifted. Right? That’s basically free anyways. And if I found nothing, then I’d go back to the dress I already had.  So I headed out, fully justified, with my fingers crossed. As I was sifting through the racks, I noticed that on the other side, in the XL section, this flash of colour sticking out. I figured I’d take a chance, grabbed it and headed to the change room with a few other pieces I’d picked up. After trying everything else on, I ended with the one that I randomly grabbed and it was a win! Let that be a lesson to you, always look through all the sizes. Just because something isn’t necessarily marked in your size, doesn’t mean it won’t fit!! That’s my rule, always try stuff on, go with fit, not with numbers. Because there might be a gem like this waiting for you.

Anyways. Back on track. So then I got home, and realized the dress was maybe a little too see through for going out in public, so the next day I headed back to the thrift store to pick up a slip. I promised myself I wouldn’t look at anything else, just grab a slip and get out. Unfortunately, again, I am weak. I did not get in and get out. I lightly browsed the dresses and then spent far too long in the shoe section. But, on the bright side, I completed my ensemble with these adorable booties which are also super comfortable, which is a big deal because I never wear heels.

So, in conclusion.  I am weak and have no will power, but I ended up with an adorable outfit, so I’m ok with it.



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