Book Club: July Selection


A couple weeks ago I had a chance to get together with some friends for dinner and we got to talking about books and how we are always looking for something new to read but never really know where to look, which I think is a problem a lot of people have. So we decided it’s time we started a book club. Our only rule is that there must be wine at all meetings. Something we all feel is very doable. I also thought it would be fun if I keep track of what we’re reading here on the blog, as well as a quick overview of what we thought of the books after we have our meetings. We’d love it if you decide to read along with us and if you have any suggestions for future book selections, we’re all ears! Also, if you too find yourself super excited about reading and drinking wine and talking about stuff, feel free to email me at and I can let you in on when and where our meetings will be. We’d love to get to know some new faces and hear your thoughts!

For July, the book selection is Gone Girl. I know it’s not super new, so some of you may have already read it, but it was last minute and it happened to be the book I just started reading. For next month, I will try to let you know the selection a little before the beginning of August so we all have a chance to get ourselves a copy. Happy reading!!


*photo courtesy of Michelle, because I returned my copy to the library before I got a picture. Oops!


  • Keep me posted on your August choice! I’m looking for something to read on the beach, and would love to come to a book club that involves wine 😉

    • Will do!! We figured if we have wine, even if the book sucks, we’re always coming out winners. Haha.

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