Slowing Down

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[oufit details]  top//vintage [thrifted]  Buffalo jeans//new [Marshall’s]  necklace//Clyde’s Rebirth  Birkenstocks//actually Dan’s, but I always wear them because he doesn’t believe in sandals, or shorts for that matter.


I was a vendor at the Hamilton Flea this past weekend, and it was such a great event. Something like 1,400 people came through and there was such a excitement to it, it’s like we were all rallying together and saying, yes, Hamilton’s the best. A big high five to Whitney of Girl On The Wing for being the main organizer, she pulled that shit together and did an amazing job. Yeah girl!

But now the weekend is over and it’s also good to slow down again, do summer time right. Reading in the backyard, lots of baking, camping on the weekend. Especially compared to last summer when it was all we could do to get our house ready to be rented out and our basement liveable before we moved it,  we really didn’t have a lot of opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. Pretty glad this summer can be a little different.

Also, looking at these pictures makes me realize what I already knew. My hair looks bad and I need a cut. Luckily, I’m booked in next week, so until then you can just deal with my weird hair. And feel bad for Dan, because he has to look at it way more than you. And the shirt I’m wearing was supposed to go in to the shop, but when I washed it the colours bled, so I was on the fence about whether I would put it in anyways. And then I tried it on and it’s super comfortable so I’ve been wearing it for the last 3 days and quite possibly for the rest of the week. So I guess that settles that.

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