Not So Super

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[outfit details]   tank top//Canon Coffee [best coffee!!]  skirt//vintage [Girl On the Wing]  bracelet//vintage [The Edit]  Birks//Factory Shoe Outlet


There’s nothing like wearing punchy over saturated colours to make me feel a little like I’m wearing a super hero costume… Not like a legit super hero that actually does useful things, more like the guy from KickAss, the one who has all the cool gear but is a huge wuss.  That movie is actually what these colours reminded me of, to be honest. I didn’t know anything about that movie before I watched it, so I was pretty happy when it turned out to be awesome (Nicholas Cage was even in it, and he was not only tolerable, but downright enjoyable). That’s why it’s always good to have no expectations, so you’ll never be disappointed.  I think that will be my super hero motto. I could be Run and Hide Girl. Maybe not so super, or even a hero,  but I man, will I look cool when I hop on my bike, throw on a cape and ride far, far away from all the action.





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