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Last week, I got the chance to hit up the grand opening of the new Value Village in London along with Yen and Julie. They were generous enough to give us $50 each to spend so it was fun to see what we each were able to come up with, since you never know what you’re going to find! (But there’s always something. Trust me.) Also, it was just fun to hang out with a couple of solid ladies who also happen to be thrift champs who ALSO both happen to have size 10 feet (as do I). Miracle of miracles though, all three of us managed to grab some foot wear, so the evening was basically already a success.

The pros, doing their thing.


Anyways. This is what I picked up for $50. I feel like it’s a pretty rounded out collection of pieces, so good for a lot of different outfits. Yay for dressing up!


[what I thrifted]   Leather Shoes//$10   Button Up Daisy Skirt//$9   Denim Vest//$6   Striped Long Sleeve Shirt//$7   Houndstooth Cardigan//$5   Corduroy Tank Dress//$10


There were definitely a lot of basics in my haul, which left a lot of room for mixing and matching. Not always the most exciting at first, but I know that each piece will probably get a lot of wear, so, definitely worth it. Here are some of the outfits I put together!

IMG_7310 IMG_7311 IMG_7312  IMG_7307IMG_7309IMG_7308IMG_7306 IMG_7302  IMG_7304  IMG_7305IMG_7303






























*Thanks to Yen for letting me borrow her white room for these pictures and also letting me snuggle Kyle while I was at it:)

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