Stepping Out

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[outfit details]  basic tee//new [Girl On The Wing]   knit skirt//Holt Renfrew [thrifted]   apothecary bag necklace//vintage [Roly Poly Records]    clogs//vintage


I actually found these clogs when we were in Thunder Bay. I didn’t do a lot of thrifting, but I did hit a couple places quickly. These ended up being my only purchase, and they were a little overpriced for a thrift store, but still a great price for what they are. Plus, Dan calls me a baby moose when I’m wearing them, which I think is really funny. Between the cow hair and the fact that they are wooden, I basically do have moose hooves. And yet, I love them so much and feel great when I’m wearing them. And don’t worry, I am aware that they are totally ridiculous, but that just makes me love them more. So, until Murphy gets a hold of them one day, because, let’s face it, no dog can resist wooden clogs with animal hair on them, and I understand that. But, until then, keep an ear out when your around town, if I’m close by, chances are you’ll hear me long before you see me. Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop.

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