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I’ve really been enjoying these summery days that we’re still having. Yes, part of me does want to wear sneakers and giant sweaters all the time and take pictures of me standing in leaves and be like, I’m a really good photographer, you can tell by the artful way I used the filters on this picture. But then again, I can basically do the same thing wearing shorts when someone makes me a fancy coffee with a heart on it (see picture below. also, not even a very good picture. I apologize from the bottom of my basic heart). But anyways, I guess this allows me to embrace this slow change of season. Cool.

Plus! Dan is done working night shifts and is back in school so we actually get to do stuff like have dinner together at night!! Which is very exciting. Last night we were planning on having some coconut & red curry stir fry for dinner, except that we didn’t have coconut milk or curry paste. But don’t you worry, instead of despairing and just eating vegetables and tofu, we took matters into our own hands and headed out towards Jackson Square. We didn’t get far before we decided we needed some coffee to fuel this venture. So we stopped in at Smalls Coffee, this great little takeaway place that just opened about a month ago on Cannon by James. The coffee is delicious, the people are great, plus anyone who references the Sandlot in their name is A-OK.

*I stole the group photo off their instagram because Jess wasn’t there when we stopped in and it just didn’t seem right without her.

IMG_7943 IMG_7945 IMG_7954


So, coffee in hand, we carried on to Nations, the grocery store in Jackson Square. We don’t always do our groceries here, but it has a ton of variety when it comes to produce, plus, when you’re looking for weird spices (or curry paste) this is the spot to go. It also has most of your basic staples, plus a large section of ready to go hot foods and a sit down area. It’s pretty great. And! If you’re driving, you get fee underground parking if you’re doing your shopping here. Depending on the time, you get 1-2 hours free as long as you spend $20 at Nations. You just get your receipt validated by the security guard on your way out of the store. So really. They are making it super convenient for you.

Here’s my awkward tourist picture by the sign. So this way you know I’m not lying about going there. Because this is obviously something worth lying about.



Dan modelling a leek and being super funny about it. Or so he thinks.





Success!! All the curry paste you could want. And then we went home and made some delicious stir fry and I am still eating it now for lunch. A happy ending indeed.

IMG_7951 IMG_7950


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