Outtakes; July

Alrighty, so it’s halfway through August already, but no matter. Still gonna stick with this. I’m not a quitter! Not yet anyways.

The first half of July, I was in Holland. That feels like forever ago now. And yes, I realize I’ve been leaning pretty hard on that trip for blog content, and this will be the last time you’ll see anything from it. Probably. And as much as you’re relieved that there will finally be some fresh topics, think about how I feel. What am I gonna write about now? I mean, I only do about one exciting thing per year, and I’m pretty sure that was it. Yikes!

Don’t you worry though! I’ll dig deep. I’m sure I’ve got at least a couple interesting anecdotes to tickle your fancy.

IMG_4841[Dan checking out some cool public art in Rotterdam.]

IMG_4842[I want to go back to here. Gouda and biterballen and all the mayo to dip it in. No thanks to the olives though.]

IMG_4832[fabulous lady/fabulous baby. Katie and Esmay, always ready for a photo op.]


[Good looking relatives = lots of blurry selfies at the bar. It only makes sense.]

IMG_4840[That one last coffee at the airport before it’s time to go. Sure, the coffee is crazy expensive. But you can’t put a price on time spent together. Right guys? Right??]

IMG_4834[I like that the flight home from Holland is usually during the day so I can zone out staring at clouds and listening to music. It’s nice.]

IMG_4836[Super jealous of my Mom’s echinacea that has at least four different coloured flowers in it. Can I split this? Or should I just steal it?]

IMG_4835[These summer time cuties on the way home from the dog park.]

IMG_4838[don’t you think queen anne’s lace is prettiest before it opens up? all those little clusters so tightly tucked into each other.]


[photo cred to Lisa’s snapchat. Having a professional photographer in the family is really paying off.]


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