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[[outfit details]]  lace button up//vintage [thrifted]  Top Shop high waisted shorts//[thrifted]  Denver Hayes leather clogs//[thrifted]  collar clip//repurposed vintage [Dessert for Breakfast]

I’d like to take a second to note that this entire outfit was thrifted except the collar clip, which was handmade by a friend from repurposed jewelry. It’s always exciting when that happens. And not on purpose either. So yay for that. Now, onto more important things. Harry Potter, of course.

After re-starting the Harry Potter series back in February (books, not movies), I’m happy to say I’m finished (Well, actually, more sad, because it’s over. Again. You guys know.) I definitely took a few breaks in between books, because reading them all right in a row is A LOT! It’s like, too much of good thing can be bad for you. Or something. Seriously though, it was so good. Again. I feel like it had been long enough that I remembered the general story lines and characters, but had forgotten the exact sequence of events or how things played out or how funny/sad the writing is. So many emotions!!

That brings me to this whole Cursed Child book. I know that it’s seemingly ideal, because I just finished the series and this new book (screenplay?) just came out. I’ll probably read it eventually. But what do you guys think of all of it? I mean, I just always felt like JK Rowling crafted such a fantastic story with the 7 books, but also, you need to end it somewhere. That’s kind of what makes it so good, right? That you can only experience it for the first time once. And if it just keeps going, or there are details added to the books about the characters that don’t really have anything to do with the story, it just feels gratuitous. Right? Or am I crazy?

At the end of it all, I’ll always love Harry (love/hate anyways. He’s a bit of a angsty whiner sometimes. But I guess he is a teenager who’s destined to fight Voldemort to the death. But come on. Simmer down, Harry)

For real though! I love them so much. And I’m jealous of all you guys who still get to read them. By the way, if you haven’t read them, you want me to come over and read them to you? I’ll mostly just be creepy and be watching your face the entire time for your reactions. If if you don’t react the way I think you should, I might yell at you. It’ll probably be a little distracting, but I’m ok with it.

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