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A couple weeks ago I got together with some friends and we did a clothing swap. I really should of snapped some photos of the actual swap, but I was too busy getting the goods to have time to take pictures. It looked super cute though, plus there was lots of snacks and drinks. Side note, hangouts definitely get better as you age, it used to be that you were lucky if there were a couple bags of chips at a party. Now there are charcuterie boards, baked goods and many bottles of wine. If this is getting old, then I am super into it.

Anyways, over the years we’ve done a number of clothing swaps, some big, some small. But we’ve found the best way is usually to keep the group small-ish, like around 10 people and to limit the amount of stuff everyone brings. Usually up to ten items, things that are still in good repair, but maybe just don’t get worn often anymore because they don’t fit right or you’re just over them. That way the amount of clothes at the swap isn’t totally overwhelming, plus you don’t really want to be sorting through other people’s junk. I probably don’t want to bring your old pyjamas home with me, so maybe just hold onto those and use them for rags or something, k?

I’d say this was a particularly good swap, everyone brought some really great pieces, there was jewelry, leather boots, cute flats, sweaters, dresses. And everyone went home with at least a few things. And I don’t want to brag, but I did score a neon tropical print fanny pack. Sorry not sorry.

Swaps are such a fun way to recycle clothes, especially those ones that are just too nice to give to Value Village. They take some organizing and a clothing rack or two will probably come in handy, but they are totally worth it! And it’s a good excuse for a girls night. And you get to take home a goody bag full of cool clothes. What are you waiting for?


    • They are! I actually wore them on my wedding day because they are cute and comfy. The one complaint I would have about them is the side zipper tends to un-zip after wearing them for a while.

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