Tiny Bathroom: BEFORE

So we’ve been living in our tiny apartment for a little over 2 years now, and I think it’s safe to say, we still really love it. It’s super liveable, it never feels crowded or like we don’t have enough space for the things we need to do. The only thing about it I don’t love is the lack of natural light, but the space itself is very functional and cozy. So the only real issue is one that we knew before going into it, so I think it’s been a successful experience! 2 adults, 2 dogs, 450 sq ft and it’s been really great! Honestly, the only reason I want to move to a new space is because I’m excited for the challenge of redesigning something again!

But, we are here for at least another 6 months or so and there are still a couple things that could be worked on/finished in our apartment, and lately I’ve had that urge to work on something. But also do it with a super low budget because it turns out, school doesn’t pay very well, so I have to be creative.

I decided to focus on the bathroom. It’s actually the only room in our place that has a door (phew!) so because it’s a completely separate space, I knew I could have a little more fun with it without impacting the overall feel of the apartment too much. Obviously it still needs to tie in and complement the rest of the space, but there are definitely some freedoms there too. Most of our apartment, including the bathroom, is a super light grey. In a small space that doesn’t have a ton of natural light, that really made sense as it makes the space seem larger by making it all one cohesive colour, plus the light walls keeps the space brighter as well. The only other paint colour we used is a sort of bright navy colour in the hallway. We get lots of sunlight through the entry door, so it works well with the dark colour. The bathroom entrance is right at the bottom of the stairs, so I have to make sure it will transition well from the hallway.

[Outside looking in. When you walk into the apartment, this is your first view from the top of the stairs. First impressions!]




[the little window and the sink. We definitely need a towel bar so I stop hanging cloths off of the cabinets.]





[toilet&tiny shower. Seriously. It’s so small. I think maybe a plain white shower curtain and lighter coloured towels?]


Also, we never focussed on really taking advantage of storage space/organization in our bathroom like we did in the rest of the apartment. So I really want to fix that and make it a super efficient space because it definitely can be with a little work and ingenuity. I have a few plans already. I’m definitely going to paint it, still keeping it a light colour, but something a little brighter. Also, I’m excited to do something with the wall where the pocket door goes. The reason we’ve never put anything up on it yet is because it’s hollow, so that the door can slide into it. Which is great, but also feels like a lot of wasted space because every inch of wall is precious, so leaving such a large piece of real estate unused is not ok. But I’ve come up with an idea where I can use the whole thing, by mounting something that will distribute the weight evenly over the whole wall so that things won’t fall out/wreck the drywall.  I know, it’s super vague. But I can’t wait to finish it so I can show you, I think you guys are going to really dig it.

[our current ‘organization system’. We threw this together quickly, but it’s always kind of messy looking. I think I can do better.]



[super boring picture, but this is the empty wall where the pocket door goes. This is going to be something great, I promise!]


The one thing I haven’t thought too much about, but probably should, is the under the sink space. It has no shelves and is basically just a giant disaster. There’s no organization to it, so everything just gets piled under there. Because the pipes are right in the middle of it, I might have to make some sort of custom shelving. I don’t really feel like doing that, but I know in the end, I’ll be so glad I did, because it would be nice to give everything a home under there. If you have any amazing organization ideas for that sort of thing, I’d love to hear them!!

Anyways. These are the before pictures of the bathroom. And I know, it looks fine. But just wait. After, it’s going to be great!! I’m super excited to show you, I’ve already started on it, so hopefully I’ll have the finished room for you in a week or two!! And if you have any great ideas/inspiration for me, please share!!


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