Tiny Party

One of the trickier things about living in a small space is entertaining. You are just very limited in what you can do/how many people you can have over at once. Which is something I miss, because when we bought our house, that was one of the things I was most excited about. Making the place ours and then sharing it with friends. Plus, it’s nice to have options other than the bar (although that is always fun too) but there’s more room to customize the party when you host it.

[well deserved rest after cleaning everything. Murphy especially worked hard]


Honestly though, for the most part, it doesn’t really bother me. I mean, it’s not like we had parties every weekend or anything. But I do love hosting a big gathering a couple times a year. And recently I just really had the urge to throw a party. Maybe it’s because we don’t have people over super often, which is a combination of space constraints and the fact that most of our friends have young kids, so it’s easier for us to go to them. Mainly, just my siblings come to our place because there are no kids in our family and we all live fairly close together, so it’s easy. But when we realized that we have a few close friends that had never even seen our apartment since we moved in, and we’ve been in it for over two years now, we decided it was high time for them to get some babysitters and come to our place for the evening.

Of course, I didn’t just throw a party, I also thought it would be a good motivation to start on my bathroom refresh. Predictably, I didn’t finish it by Saturday (I started on Wednesday) but, after 4 trips to Home Depot, I did gather every thing I needed to finish it and I managed to get it all painted and back together before the party. So that’s still a win in my books. Because I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t have started it yet if I didn’t have an excuse to push myself (although it’s still not done, so I should probably shut up about it and get to work. Maybe tomorrow though.)

Anyways! Back to the party. We had 6 people over, and I think that’s about the max amount of people we should have if we all want to be comfortable. I kept it super simple. The fun thing about having a smaller group is that it’s a lot more attainable to make some fun drinks and snacks because you only need a little bit of everything. I mean, not that I did anything fancy or that required a lot of prep work, because as I mentioned, I was still finishing up painting the morning of, and then we still had to clean and put everything back afterwards. But it all came together really cute. Originally I thought I would make some little toothpick flags to label all the snacks, but I ran out of time, which ended up being better because instead I covered the table with kraft paper and labelled everything on there, you know, Kelsey’s style. Which I think is always a bonus, when you can draw inspiration from chain restaurants. I mean, there’s a lot of them, they must be doing something right.

JK guys. JK.

We kept the menu simple. For drinks we did beer and wine, because that’s just always good. But I also wanted to do something fun/a little more festive without putting in a ton of effort. So we did egg nog and whiskey, because what’s tastier and more festive than egg nog? Also, the best egg nog is PC, it’s not as sweet as the other ones, so you can drink more of it. Which is obviously the end game here.




I had a few spiked root beers in my fridge leftover from when I bought a six pack of them to try it. They are good, but I actually don’t really drink soda (I get all my sugar from my egg nog intake) so they were just sitting there, so we decided to make some mini boozy root beer floats!

For snacks we picked up some cheeses (my cousin had just introduced me to Dutch goat cheese, it’s made like gouda, but with goat cheese, so it’s creamier. It’s so good!!), sausage, crackers and dark chocolate. And for something warm, I threw together a simple bruschetta, chopped tomato, garlic, olive oil, basil, salt, pepper on a fresh baguette and drizzled with balsamic glaze after they’ve been warmed. It was pretty perfect. I’m definitely looking forward to hosting more mini parties now that we’ve done this one! Who wants to come over?






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