Shows [the Decemberists]

  Kira was kind enough to let me borrow this photo. They had better seats, thus, a better vantage point. And I guess she was just more ok than me about having her camera out all the time. Yeah, she’s that girl.  (JK! You’re the best Kir!)   We went to see the Decemberists at Massey Hall on Monday night this past week. And. It. Was. Amazing. I’m a long time fan of the band, they are all great musicians, their albums are always solid, plus the frontman Colin Meloy... Read The Rest →

Playlist #1

I feel like lately a lot of the albums I’ve been picking up are new releases by artists that have been favourites for years. So even though I’ve been listening to a lot of new music, there’s not been a lot of new artists. Which isn’t always a bad thing, especially when they keep on releasing such fantastic music. Bahamas most recent album is no exception. It’s the perfect mix of upbeat and mellow, which has been the best sound track as I’m working away at getting stuff ready for... Read The Rest →

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